Welcome to Forward ERP

Forward ERP is a comprehensive and single source Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Forward ERP has been created with inspired creativity using cutting edge technology and exhibits flawless design, construction and execution. It provides for Manufacturing, Distribution and Service oriented organisations.

Forward ERP offers a fully integrated solution, providing for complete control over planning and execution of business processes and activities. Comprehensive reporting views allow the use of business data within the system.

Forward ERP includes barcode label printing, barcode scanning and a radio frequency scanner system.

The first version of Forward ERP was developed in 2002, and the current version is version 6.06. It is a fully integrated system, based on real time transacting and offers comprehensive functionality. It is scalable from just a few users to hundreds of concurrent users, and provides for a cost-effective solution using cutting edge technology.

From the first Forward ERP clients in 2003, the client base has grown significantly in the last decade. Refer to the client testimonial section to see what our clients say about us and Forward ERP.