Customer Visits

  • Log and schedule customer visits
  • Record all visit details such as but not limited to:
    • Customer address visited
    • Date and time of visit
    • Contact person
    • Images
  • Track sales rep’s live location

Order Requests

  • Capture order requests (sales quotes) for existing customers
  • Make use of current pricing

Data Maintenance

  • Capture/update customer address
  • Maintain contact person’s details

Sales Leads

  • Add and maintain sales lead details such as but not limited to:
    • Existing/new customer contact person
    • Contact details
    • Images

Additional Features

  • Open Google Maps from the app to get quick directions
  • Make a call/send an email from the app using the contact person’s details
  • View existing custom reports/grid reports

General/Technical Features

  • The mobile app is currently available on Android
  • Operation is in online mode only, ensuring real-time connectivity to the Forward ERP database
  • The mobile app presents current and real-time information
  • The licensing is named user

Field Sales Console

  • Provides a dashboard overview of visits, sales leads and orders captured via the mobile app
  • An overview can be set per date, person, manager or team
  • Provides for drill-downs for the detail of visits sales leads and orders captured
  • View additional fields and images captured on the mobile app
  • View the current location of the sales reps
  • View sales rep’s daily route

Customer Visits, Sales Leads and Meetings

  • View and maintain visits
  • View sales leads
  • Capture new sales leads
  • Plan meetings for sales reps
    • Visits to existing customers
    • Sales lead for potential customers
  • Meetings can be recurring
  • Meetings are visible on the mobile app