Sales Orders and Quotations

  • Capture and manage sales orders and quotations.
  • Use stock sales order lines, non-stock sales order lines and manufacturing sales order lines.
  • Include transport and delivery charges.
  • Use link sales order lines for dependent supply.
  • Put sales orders automatically on hold should the credit limit be exceeded.
  • Link sales order line to project and/or predefined equipment.

Bulk Sales Order Activate

  • Use the bulk sales order activation functionality to activate quotations and orders on hold in bulk.

Credit Management

  • Apply credit limit checking on the individual organisation or organisation group level on order entry.

Purchase Orders and Request for Quotation

  • Use purchase orders and request a quotation to procure stock and non-stock goods.
  • Manage subcontract processes, integrated with work in progress and inventory management, as well as repair purchase orders.
  • Optionally use purchase requisitions to manage the approval of purchases.

Job card

  • Use job cards for the repair, enhancement or manufacture of items, including serialised items.
  • Manage loan units to a customer or replacement of existing units.
  • Include material and labour/overhead costs in the job card.
  • Use the cost estimate functionality to determine the price based on planning and specified margins.
  • Track planned versus actual cost on a job card.