Project Work Breakdown Structure


  • Maintain turnover and cost (material and labour) budgets for projects, either consolidated or per financial period.
  • Compare budgets to actuals. Rolling up of budgets and actuals.

Time and Material Billing

  • Convert timesheets and other expenses automatically to accounts receivable invoices using a user-defined billing rate matrix.


  • Book time against billable and non-billable projects, or fixed-price contracts.
  • Approval and analysis of timesheets.
  • Recover labour and overhead cost using individual or expense class rates.
  • Define the project, including milestones (can also be payment milestones) and other tasks.
  • Define teams and roles for the project.

Repetitive Billing

  • Use project management to control repetitive billing using different billing frequencies and escalation policies.

Fixed-price Contracts and Projects

  • Manage fixed-price contracts and projects.