Integrated RF Scanner System

  • Forward ERP provides for an integrated RF Scanner System
  • Functions are permission-based by user, transaction type and warehouse


  • Transactions are accurate and errors are reduced
  • Transactions are recorded in the warehouse or on the production floor and are visible in real-time in the inventory system and reflected immediately in stock figures
  • Productivity is increased as real-time and accurate information is available to operators
  • Costs are saved due to the elimination of errors – errors in picking and other transactions are reduced
  • Rapid stock counts and cycle counts are possible
  • Training of warehouse staff is simplified and quick
  • Printing and paper costs can be reduced as instructions are visible on the RF Scanning devices.

Scanner Transactions

  • The RF Scanner System provides an intuitive user interface, with easy-to-use sequential navigation
  • Transactions that can be performed include (but are not limited to) picking, receiving, transferring and counting

Barcode Label Printing

  • The operation of the scanner system is aided by the ability to print barcode labels
  • Barcode label printing can be configured to print at the appropriate event in a process


  • Integration is seamless due to the RF Scanner System being part of Forward ERP
  • A separate WMS/scanner system is therefore not required – this also saves on initial and ongoing costs and the complexities of managing a data interface from and to such a system