• Use the MRP engine to calculate potential stock shortages, and to suggest replenishment orders (purchase and manufacturing orders)
  • On existing purchase and manufacturing orders MRP indicates potential rush orders to be rescheduled and potential obsolete orders if demand has changed.
  • Include Customer Forecasts (also called Releases in some industries) and Sales Budgets in product demand

Landed Cost Tracking

  • Perform landed cost tracking using cost elements as defined by the user
  • Include cost elements from various suppliers
  • Additional costs can be split based on value, weight or volume. The actual cost or a provisional cost can be used. Default provisional percentages can be setup
  • Combine containers in as Advanced Shipment Notice and track the progress of inbound shipments

Stock Reorder Interface

  • Use the simplified stock reorder interface if the environment is not yet ready for MRP, or if the integrity of planning data is being verified
  • Automatically create purchase and manufacturing orders based on supply and demand parameters