Dispatch Management

  • Cater for a dispatch warehouse, utilising integrated picking slips for picking to dispatch.
  • Cater for pick waves based on various criteria.
  • Can enforce dispatch verification before a delivery note is released.
  • Picking and dispatch can be performed using mobile scanning devices for real-time verification and transacting.

Warehouse Transfer Requisition

  • Use the warehouse transfer requisition to control transfers between different premises, keeping complete detail of the transfer.
  • Optionally add transfer cost to inventory transferred between warehouses.

Delivery Tracking

  • The delivery life cycle can be controlled using the user-defined delivery workflow, with specific data requirements per status within the workflow.
  • Capture the number of boxes and weight per box, the delivery agent and documentation particulars.
  • Record image of proof of delivery, which is linked to source data on Forward ERP for simple and easy location and sending upon request.