Sales Order Integration

  • Invoicing at the weighbridge is fully integrated with the order system, ensuring that only valid orders and valid quantities are accepted
  • A single order can be split over multiple transport bookings for one or more transport contractors.
  • Validation of the customer account, status and credit limits is performed in real-time
  • Sales orders allow for the selling of bulk stock, linking of selected transporters and delivery costs and indicating the selling price of transport

Transporter Integration

  • Transport contractors can be limited to those indicated on the order
  • Maintains a history of transporters used by order and delivery note, as well as the detail of transport vehicles and drivers
  • For each transport contractor, the contractor’s vehicles can be optionally predefined. This can also be enforced on the Weighbridge function that Transport vehicles must be predefined if access control should be enforced.
  • Integration into Accounts Payable, ensuring transporters are paid and only paid for the orders delivered

Weighbridge Integration

  • Take readings directly off of the weighbridge
  • Allows for single-cell and multi-cell weighbridges
  • Currently, interfaces to several weighbridges and additional weighbridges can be accommodated


  • Ability to integrate to camera systems in order to capture images of the weighbridge (typically showing the vehicle on the weighbridge)
  • Images are linked to the order and delivery note and are accessible from Forward at any time